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I will probably regret this in the morning

The good ol’ drive-by. The one thing I was told I had to do at least once when I’m still young enough. The thing I never felt like I would do because I had standards. Well, I did it tonight.

Picture this: a crowded dance floor, the buzz of alcohol, leery men all round and enthusiastic albeit drunk girls. Granted, one of them had been his sister, but who knew how far the truth had been stretched.

He was sweet and looked like a boy I once loved. Whom I still probably love. All thoughts of B flew out of my mind, all I could think of was him. They shared origins. How could I have not been swept up by his charm?

It was a drive-by. You go up, do it, and pull away. Then you forget about it, no muss, no fuss. I knew it, he knew it, his sister, who had been busy taking pictures of us knew it. And you just know those pictures are going to end up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Somewhere.

I’m not sorry I did it. But already I regret.



I am a terrible human being

You know that feeling when you realize that you’re something, someone, you never thought you were or could ever be? I felt that tonight.

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All Change

One of my best friends for the past decade of our lives is currently on a plane, crossing time zones and country borders as she travels from Singapore to New York. Despite knowing that she had some twenty-odd hours of recycled air and uncomfortable airplane seats in front of her, it hadn’t stopped me from sobbing at her over the phone for nearly an hour while she juggled luggage, rogue trolleys, and phone, all while offering words of comfort. The mark of a true friend – no judgment even though you’ve pretty much been the biggest idiot the world over, and a trans-Indian Ocean phone call when you’re most in need.

I finally saw you again last night.

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