I never used to care about politics.

I was that kid who would callously say “I don’t vote”, cutting candidates off just as they were about the deliver their carefully prepared speeches about change they were going to effect. I was that kid who said “Who cares?” when the soon-to-be student body president had asked, askance, if I didn’t want my opinion heard. I was that kid who was happy whether we had a status quo or not, so long as it didn’t affect me.

I was one of those who would think there was no way one little me would be able to bring about any sort of tangible change. I didn’t when it was student body elections, I sure didn’t when it came to the government of the entire country. Sure I wanted things to be better, but certainly nothing I did would result in that.

Or so I thought. All too soon, GE13 is just around the corner.

Then I found out I wouldn’t be able to vote.

(Because I am currently in Sydney, and being the ditz that I was, thought that overseas voters would be fine as long as they had registered. When I learned that you had to register separately as an overseas voter, it was too late and the parliament had already been dissolved. I am still very sore about this.)

I don’t know if this is me gripped by election fever or a byproduct of seeing political posts everyday, everywhere, ridiculous or inspirational, but I was devastated. It would have been my very first general election since coming of age, and the general election touted to be the make-or-break. The opposition party is stronger than ever, and while the ruling party has been considerably weakened, they cannot be wholly written off either. Who will win? Who will run this country? Will it be for the better or for the worse? Who knows?

All I know is, come tomorrow, I will be fanatically refreshing the polls results page while praying for an outcome which will hopefully herald a new beginning. Change is thrumming in the air, I can feel it. Come, my fellow Malaysians. Vote wise, vote right.


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One thought on “Change?

  1. impresstvewords says:

    ala .. rugi 1 undi !

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