Nock, Draw, Release

So for my February All Change, I got this.

Yeah, I got new ink. 

I got my first tattoo when I was seventeen and stupid. It’s a tiny outline of a five-point star on my back, based on a pendant I used to wear all the time, to remind me that I am a star. That I can shine, bright like a, I guess, star. It’s been nearly a decade now, and I still don’t regret it one bit.

nockdrawrelease is something I’ve wanted to get for a long time. I drew the design and deliberated it for months, before finally taking the (rather impulsive) plunge on Sunday to get it done. And it was impulsive. I basically walked into the tattoo studio asking if they had any free slots. They didn’t, but I set up an appointment later in the day anyway.

It’s set in an arrow, to remind me to always aim high, shoot straight. Nock, draw, and release, to remind me to do things step by step, and to always follow through. With all this, I will always fly true.

The companion piece to this will be breathe. I just don’t know where I want it yet. Likely on my wrist, maybe in white ink.

My artist asked if I was an archery nut. To which I reply, rather embarrassedly, that I wasn’t. Not at all. I haven’t even touched a bow. Although it kind of is an homage to The Amazing Hawkeye.

The tattoo is not perfect, not by a long shot–script is not easy, and having it on my inner bicep is less easy still. But I love it, and these are words that I hope to live by for a long, long time.

As my tattoo heals, I am already thinking of my next ones. Yes, ones, plural. I want a mandala on my bicep, or on my right back and back of my arm. And a pair of angel wings, maybe. And a dragon. And the Sagittarius constellation. And Prickles’ paw prints, since my time with him is fast slipping away with every second.

So Nock, Draw, Release. (Breathe.) This will be a good year yet.

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