(x)clusive!: Taeyang charms, teases and finds himself a girl

So this happened and it was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I can officially say I’m obsessed now.

(x)clusive ★

Taeyang-in-Malaysia-12 Text By: Simin | Photos By: IME Productions

In a mere two hours, Taeyang manages to charm, tease, and find himself a girl, all while singing and dancing through his set list of hits.

Kicking off the concert with high-octane tunes Body, Superstar, and Move, the crowd instantly goes wild. The catchy songs are well served by Taeyang’s sparkly gold pants that emphasize his every movement as he grooves on the brightly lit stage.


A quick costume change later, the mood takes a turn for the emotional. Taking his place at the keyboard set up in the middle of the stage, Taeyang croons the sentimental You’re My, followed by the sleek R&B track I Need A Girl. The crowd sings along enthusiastically, and becomes visibly excited when Taeyang leads an audience member on stage (who was already waiting in the wings). Once he gets confirmation…

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