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Nock, Draw, Release

So for my February All Change, I got this.

Yeah, I got new ink.  Continue reading

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A year in retrospect

Now that we’ve plunged into 2015, it’s high time I dust off this blog and write something… anything.

2014 was relatively good year for me.

Work was largely smooth-sailing; I learned a hell of a lot this year about all the little elements to do with my job and the creative industry. The learning curve was steep, but climbing it was enjoyable.

Family life was peaceful, with no major disputes or discords between us. I made a promise with myself a long time ago to stop being a petty, whiny princess bitch to my brother and my parents, and I think I’ve done well to keep it. My relationship with my brother is not mended or tight in any way, but we’re finally acting like adults around each other. I think that’s a vast improvement.

Most importantly, I’ve reconnected with someone whom I have always held dear in my heart. We’re nowhere close to being what we used to be, but this is a start.


In 2014, I also became a homeowner. (In name only; I have yet to start serving my mortgage.)

In the beginning of 2014, I decided not to make any resolutions, but I did say that I will stop retreating each time someone makes an emotional advance. Secretly, I also decided that I should say yes to everything.

Sad to say, I haven’t been able to keep the first promise, but I think I did pretty well with the second. Perhaps too well.

This year, I think it’s time to start saying no, especially when I mean no. I will be the bigger person in all situations. I will learn to laugh and let go.

Here’s to an even better year.

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It is not okay.

Whatever people may say about beer, its power to prompt revelations and shatter illusions is undeniable. Continue reading

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My quarter-life crisis

When I was still in high school, this guy who was my deskmate said to me, “You’ve been to a few countries, haven’t you? That’s amazing, I wish I could do that too.”

At the time, I’d smiled and nodded. I hadn’t really been to many countries, but somehow he’d assumed it and taken it as fact, and I didn’t really want to correct him. Continue reading

I am a terrible human being

You know that feeling when you realize that you’re something, someone, you never thought you were or could ever be? I felt that tonight.

I am racist. Continue reading

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The Art of Being Alone

Yesterday was Good Friday, and true to weekend form, I had something or other lined up for the night. On the agenda last night was a quiet dinner with old friends at a nice, homey little Italian restaurant in a corner of Newtown. In the jolly presence of good natured banter and huge helpings of comfort food – the cannelloni with spinach and ricotta I stuffed my face with was so good I couldn’t have cared less that it was probably bringing back all the weight I had lost intermittently throughout the past month with a vengeance – it had been easy to forget the near-constant heartache that had been following me around for the past three weeks or so. Continue reading

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