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(x)clusive!: Taeyang charms, teases and finds himself a girl

So this happened and it was actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be! I can officially say I’m obsessed now.

(x)clusive ★

Taeyang-in-Malaysia-12 Text By: Simin | Photos By: IME Productions

In a mere two hours, Taeyang manages to charm, tease, and find himself a girl, all while singing and dancing through his set list of hits.

Kicking off the concert with high-octane tunes Body, Superstar, and Move, the crowd instantly goes wild. The catchy songs are well served by Taeyang’s sparkly gold pants that emphasize his every movement as he grooves on the brightly lit stage.


A quick costume change later, the mood takes a turn for the emotional. Taking his place at the keyboard set up in the middle of the stage, Taeyang croons the sentimental You’re My, followed by the sleek R&B track I Need A Girl. The crowd sings along enthusiastically, and becomes visibly excited when Taeyang leads an audience member on stage (who was already waiting in the wings). Once he gets confirmation…

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July, Independence, and All Change

It seems like January was just yesterday. 

A new thing I’ve started this month – green smoothies! Or smoothies, in general. I’m currently on the second day of a 3-day smoothie cleanse, and I’m feeling great. It’s a good feeling to know that the instant I’m feeling peckish, I can whip up a smoothie and drink that, and have all the cravings magically disappear. It’s a great way to make myself eat celery, which I absolutely detest in its raw and cooked form. 

That said, I have been experiencing cravings for raw food like crazy since I started. I miss chewing, snacking, and it’s like any little thing sets me off. I’ve thought of, in no particular order, donuts, frozen yogurt, chocolate, chips, pizza, beer, even kfc. I’m never one to crave junk food, not at all, but right now I just want everything and anything. BREAD is a huge thing. I crave that floury, buttery goodness so much, I can’t even describe it. But I will stick to my guns and tough this out. 3 days, just on smoothies, it’s not too bad. It’s not bad at all. Once the three days are up, I might still do one green smoothie a day, just for the hell of it. It’s a great way to put away the required vegetables and fruits – you can never have too much of those. 

The second all change – yes, there are two this month – is that I’m now a property owner! *Cue applause and confetti. Well, loan approval pending, but all the papers are signed. Once I get the go ahead from the bank, I will effectively owe my mom and the bank a fuckton of money. I really shouldn’t be looking forward to that, but surprisingly, I am. Guess it’s because I know my money’s going to a good place instead of being spent on frivolous things. It’s expensive (by some standards), but it’s a (I guess) good investment. Funny how I’m not afraid of being saddled with a debt to the tune of a little more than half a million?

Expected completion is in the first quarter of next year. And then I’ll have to worry about getting some tenants for the place… actually I’m already worrying about that now. Oh well. Everything will fall into place. Boat, dock, course, and all that. 


Two days to Independence Day! (Three if time difference is taken into consideration but hey.)

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All Change, or how to not give a fuck anymore

This month’s all change is easy-peasy. 

1. Do not engage. 

2. If engagement is unavoidable, just say no. 


The title of the post may be misleading, but this isn’t written in a fit of anger. It’s written in cold deliberation. Because life is too short to care about or for anything or anyone who is not family, or people I see as family. Who are few and far between. 

Six months in, I think it’s time to move on. 

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A Little Love Story

She cries a little when daddy decides to shave off her badly-cut hair.

The next day, she steps into the kindergarten in trepidation. Her head is completely covered by a cloche hat. She intends to keep it that way.

But the weather doesn’t listen. The sun continues to radiate like molten gold. It soon becomes unbearable.

She takes off the hat and clenches it in her little fists. Her eyes meet his.

“You’re beautiful,” he says, slack-jawed.

She smiles a little.

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The Adonis on the train

My first impression of you was that you had a bit of stubble – perhaps you were trying to grow out a mustache – and, not being one much for facial hair, it made me look back at my phone. Five stops later, I notice that you were wearing a really nice watch. Nothing flashy and not something that screamed expensive, but looked classy without being over the top. Then my gaze traveled down to your shoes, passing pressed shirt and slacks on the way. They were brown leather, slightly scuffed in a “worn everyday” kind of way. Your profile was pleasant. Definition without the chisel, Attractive but approachable.

The remaining three stops were spent with me surreptitiously checking you out. You were on Instagram the entire time, and probably noticed that I noticed. Or not – I can be inconspicuous when I want to. But you were by far the best looking guy on the train.

It was only when I got off the train that I thought of asking you out, perhaps for a coffee, but you were gone – you either don’t take the same connecting line as I do, or you just wasn’t at my end of the platform. So that was that.

Such fleet foot she has, devilish Destiny. 

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It is not okay.

Whatever people may say about beer, its power to prompt revelations and shatter illusions is undeniable. Continue reading

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Five days into 2014

A little late, but I guess it’s as good a time as any to wrap up the previous year. Looking back, 2013 has had it’s ups and downs. But even if i were to try to weigh one against the other I don’t think I would be able to… my memory, as always, isn’t stellar.

2013 had been a year of firsts. Lots of them, though not my first heartbreak. I finally understand what is meant by a ‘whirlwind romance’. A year where I’d loved and lost, then tried to love again, and still lost. I’m not surprised, my love life thus far had been nothing but rocky and predictably bad. Not that anyone is to blame except me, I guess. I had the opportunity but I never grabbed hold of them. One can only make overtures that many times before he gets tired of it, no?

Regrets. If I had regrets for the year, it’s how things had ended on a fade out between us. Drifting apart is the worst way to end a relationship, I realized that now. It had happened the last time too, and now again. I guess I just never learn.

I guess our bet’s off now, huh?

What wreck me the most are all the could-have-beens.

I’m not big on making resolutions. I end up forgetting them most of the time. So I’ll see this as a challenge rather than a promise – I’ll stop being a coward. Stop taking three steps back every time someone takes a step forward.

I’ll stop thinking so much and just go with the flow.

Here’s to a better 2014.




I’m normally not so maudlin. I blame it on Block B and 넌 어디에.

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Sixteen days to Christmas, and I see no way out of my quarter life crisis.

I’ve skipped a couple of all changes since October – the one in October was getting a new job, in a new field, with new people I’ve never met. November was hectic, with work and then my week in Sydney for graduation, that I didn’t have time to sit down and properly think about it. And then it’s a week and a half into December. How time flies.  Continue reading

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I will probably regret this in the morning

The good ol’ drive-by. The one thing I was told I had to do at least once when I’m still young enough. The thing I never felt like I would do because I had standards. Well, I did it tonight.

Picture this: a crowded dance floor, the buzz of alcohol, leery men all round and enthusiastic albeit drunk girls. Granted, one of them had been his sister, but who knew how far the truth had been stretched.

He was sweet and looked like a boy I once loved. Whom I still probably love. All thoughts of B flew out of my mind, all I could think of was him. They shared origins. How could I have not been swept up by his charm?

It was a drive-by. You go up, do it, and pull away. Then you forget about it, no muss, no fuss. I knew it, he knew it, his sister, who had been busy taking pictures of us knew it. And you just know those pictures are going to end up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Somewhere.

I’m not sorry I did it. But already I regret.